iPad Screen Protector - worth the investment

I purchased a new iPad. I hear all views when doing a search on google. I trust this site and your recommendations. Please let me know your thoughts & thank you

I’ve never used one, but I’ve always run either a keyboard or cover on my iPad, so there’s not much opportunity​ for the screen to get damaged.

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Just as worth it as an iPhone screen protector. Especially the glass ones. My iPad when stowed has the screen covered by the Smart Keyboard but knowing that when I’m using the iPad if I drop it there is a reduced chance of a cracked screen is worth. I believe the one I got was less than $20

I think it depends on the usecase for the iPad, mine is something I bring to c-suit meetings for notes and diagrams, so I don’t have a case or a screen protector because I want that naked look, I do however have a nice sleeve case.

That said I generally burn through an iPad a year, as they pick up scratch’s, dints and there are new shiny ones.

Like a lot of things it’s a personal risk reward situation, what is the risk of damage, slight or significant vs the look and cost of a screen protector.

The last point I want to make is a more philosophical one, an iPad is not a house, they have lifespans, and thus why is protecting the screen important, I have seen many people slap on a screen protector day one, never change it, have it get covered in scratches and be nasty to eventually end of life a perfectly pristine iPad which they never got to enjoy.

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All the iPads with screen protectors on them that I have seen had several super annoying bubbles with particles…

Is it possible to apply one without bubbles?

(On an iPhone it is already hard, but possible; an iPad has an even bigger area that can grab dust before the protector is attached)

I have read that some screen protectors make using the pen better. There is a slightly grippy experience that smooths the pen’s movement.

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Have always used one and advocate for them.

Lately I’ve been very happy with PaperLike


Just sold an 64 Gb iPad Mini 2 for $157 (note:with case and external keyboard). I think I got such a good price, in part, because it’s screen was perfect after using screen protector from day one.

The tempered glass screen protectors don’t really have many bubbles on iPad or iPhone

I also have it on my iPad Pro and am very happy with it.


I have found that when I put on a screen protector I loose the anti glare that the iPads screen has.

Most tempered glass protectors just add reflections and glare which takes away from the natural laminated anti glare screen apple wanted on their products

…I’m also considering a screen protector for the iPad 12,9 2018 and the paperlike seems very appealing.

I’m reading a lot that the display quality in terms of sharpness suffers especially with this product - to a certain degree this is of course inevitable, but I’m wondering if it is as bad as they say. I use the Ipad not only for drawing/writing but also for knowledge work, so reading is a part of the overall workflow.

@AFC and @Lars how happy are you with reading while using the paperlike screen protector? Do you consider it tolerable, or even still enjoy reading?

I’d appreciate any hint, because I really am scared that the liquid retina display might wear off over time…

Thanks a bunch,

I‘m still using the same PaperLike screen protector since last year. They are durable (and I use my iPad every day).

They are also great for using the iPad with the Apple pencil. However, note that I’m not dealing with a bunch of photos or pictures. The screen brightness is reduced with this particular screen protector due to its texture.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want more specific info.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I am particularly interested how much you enjoy readings with the applied paperlike. Is it ok to read and work with long texts or books?

For text I like it. It’s more “matte” (less glare), less bright and in my case I think it makes it easier on my eyes.

I was trying to take a photo of the screen and compare it with a screenshot (which shows the true colours) but it’s not working very well as a comparison evidence :rofl: any suggestions are welcome and I can try again.

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I just purchased Paperlike after seeing several YouTube reviews. It’s only been 48 hours, but I’m still very much on the fence about it.

On the positive side, it does reduce glare and finger prints. Writing with the Apple Pencil does feel a little nicer than with my previous screen protector.

But, it does reduce the brightness. In areas of solid white it looks as if there are tiny “speckles”. For reading text, it’s not that bad and some people might actually like it. It’s a lot more friction than I expected. You can actually hear your finger swipe across the screen. I don’t know how well it will work when editing photos. I wish they have a version that was maybe “half the friction”.

I’m going to give it a week since I’ve already spent the money, but I’m not sure I’ll stick with it.

I think I’ll give it a try. I am particularly looking forward to the enhanced pencil feel, too.

Just yesterday, while reading this post, I noticed a dark dead pixel in the upper left corner (pencil side) of my 20 day old 12,9 iPad… :frowning:

So, I’ll order it and hopefully get a fix (is the display even replaceable?) or a replacement. As soon as I get the paperlike I’ll update on the experience regarding reading and writing. Thanks for your answers.

…so, it took a while, but here are some visuals and thoughts on my perceived experience with the paperlike screen protector — maybe it can help someone sitting on the fence.

The application was smooth and great and enhances the overall feeling: especially when writing and drawing. The added texture is noticeable at first, e.g. when reading but I found that I got used to it after a couple of days and don’t notice it that often, anymore. Sharpness of typography is of course affected, but only in a slight way.

Apart from that I really like the haptic experience when swiping and writing. Also, when it get’s warm I don’t stick to the screen that much… :smiley: Reduced reflection and sensitivity to smears and the like is also a great benefit.

Last but not least I noticed that while handling and using the iPad I worried a lot less that I might accidentally damage the screen, which is really nice.

The following photos where taken with my mobile (s7 Edge) during preparation and application. It got dark in between, so color and whites differ a bit. After all, it’s only for a quick impression. The left shows the raw iPad screen, the right the applied paperlike. The second comparison shows 100% crops of both states side by side and give an impression of how the texture looks (photo taken free hand from above, straight down).


Shalom Yaakov,
I use one on my pro primarily because I find that it improves the Apple Pencil experience. I bought a matte finish and it reduces that feeling of writing on a piece of glass

Turns out, there will be a second version and it’s available to back via Kickstarter… :tada: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jansapper/paperlike-ipad-screen-protector-with-nanodots