iPad “smart” cover

Anyone know of an iPad cover/keyboard that works in portrait as well as or instead of landscape mode? Surely that couldn’t be too difficult. Some reading apps certainly work better in portrait mode, and writing apps might benefit.

Sounds pretty difficult to me - a keyboard case where the keyboard unhooks (?) so the case can be propped vertically while the keyboard extends several inches on either side of the iPad?

For the minority of people interested in regular vertical typing on the go I think the better option is a cheap protective case, a cheap, stable tablet stand, and any external Bluetooth keyboard of your choosing.

I use a Canopy case with an Apple Magic Keyboard. Since it is just a stand/keyboard cover your iPad can be used horizontal or vertical. I use it with a 9.7, in both positions. Not sure how stable it would be with the 12.7 vertically.


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Thanks, I was trying to remember the name of the Canopy! I kept remembering that previous, discontinued ‘Origami’ case.

No problem. It was setting right in front of me but I had to google the name of the company :slight_smile: