iPad suddenly won’t charge using USB-A to C cable - Apple Store said they are hearing about it too

This week my iPad Pro 12.9” - less than 18 months old - suddenly refused to charge from any of the power supplies and cables I own (all USB-A chargers and using multiple A to C cables and all easily in spec and had been used before.

I booked an appointment at the Apple Store and initially they were stumped, then when they hooked it up to the store MacBook (via USB-C) to try and diagnose it sprang to life. Another genius came over and said he’d been seeing a few of these recently - iPads stopping responding to A-C cables but performing perfectly with native USB-C chargers.

Could this be a software issue introduced in a recent iOS update?

Anyway I bought a new USB-C charger and cable and all is now well - but it’s odd.

Anyone else experienced it?

I have solved a similar problem for several people now on iPhones, including my own by cleaning fluff out of the receiving part of the connection: seems irrelevant but I had a period of time when one cable worked and another one didn’t. Kind of at that tipping point when a tiny variation matters I suppose? No idea really and have no idea even how these things work other than the connections must meet and current flow through them.
Just out of interest is there any dust in the connection if you look?

I’d checked that at home and the store did the same as part of their initial checks - was clear

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It’s now charging from the USB-A chargers it was refusing to charge from before - although not tried from flat, and I did update to iOS 13.6 - wonder if either of those are relevant