iPad Won't Charge When Plugged into Dock?

Hi all, I have an iPad Pro 9.7inch running that latest public beta of iPadOs (but this problem persisted long before I installed the beta) and it will not charge. I have a MBP 2017 with two USB-C ports and plug the iPad it into a Totu USB-C dock so that I can use it as a dual monitor (using Duet) and charge it. But it won’t charge. Is this a setting I need to change?

It syncs to iTunes when I plug it in and works fine with Duet, but says in the upper-righthand corner “not charging.”

Any ideas? Thank you!

My guess is insufficient power. Is it a powered hub?

Also, I’ve noticed that when the iPad says it isn’t charging, really it is… just slowly.

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Totu states, “Not intended for use with gaming devices and high-power devices. (external hard drives, iPad, etc.)”


“The USB ports are intended for data transfer. They only provide minimal 0.5A charging.”

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Thanks for that! I didn’t catch that really important detail! I thought that it was powered because it plugs into the wall. :frowning:

It probably is powered, but only for lower powered devices.

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