iPadOS 14 apps not updating

Any recommendation on how to resolve iPadOS 14.0 (18A373) asking for a password for every app that needs an update? 41 apps currently need an update

So far, I’ve:

  • Deleted the iPadOS beta profile and rebooted. (No software update is available.)
  • Logged out of the store on iPadOS, rebooted, logged-back in
  • Logged out of the store and the separate iCloud account on iPadOS, rebooted, logged-back in
  • Reset Network Settings

This was an issue when I was running the iPadOS 14 beta software, but I assumed it was a beta issue.

Try turning off screen time…or adjust content and privacy restrictions therein

@dfay - No content or privacy restrictions were set. I disabled screen time monitoring but the problem did not go away.

Weird. I had run into that with kids’ devices before. Maybe there’s a network issue- do you have this with other ios devices on the same wifi?

My own iPad has been in the beta since July and never had this issue.

Just this device.

I just Reset All Settings and it unfortunately did not fix it. Might just need to delete all the apps and reinstall. Losing app data would be fine.


Not sure which step(s) resolved the issue, but here’s what I did:

  • Reset Network Settings. Rebooted. Still an issue
  • Reset All Settings. Rebooted. Still an issue
  • Started randomly updating apps in the list, typing my password each time. Took a break….
  • Set up my TouchID (was erased due to the Reset All Settings).
  • Started updating apps again. Noticed apps would now update without having to enter my password each time!
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