iPadOS 14 - swipes to reveal sidebar now pickier?

I’ve noticed a change in how iPadOS 14 recognize swipes to reveal sidebars (in things like mail, files, etc.):

  • In iPadOS 14, you must swipe in from the very left edge of the screen (or very left edge of the app if in split-screen) to reveal the sidebar.

  • iPadOS 13 was more tolerant, and would allow you to swipe right on most otherwise empty parts of the screen to reveal the sidebar. (My own habit was to swipe right somewhere in the lower right quadrant of the screen with my right thumb.)

I find the new behavior annoying as it slows me down when I’m trying to navigate between Mailboxes or favorite folders in Files.

Two questions:

  1. Am I the only one?
  2. Am I missing a setting somewhere that would restore the old behavior?