IPadOS Backups and Over Thinking It

Ok, I admit, I am over thinking this thing, so I need guidance outside of my own head :sweat_smile:. (Don’t we all from time to time).

With the unintended ”features“ that have cropped up in iPadOS, and the introduction of read/write to external hard drives, my mind is wondering (‘wundering?).

HOW do we backup our iCloud content to a external hard drive? (I am only talking about using IOS or iPadOS). Surely it is not one file/doc/image at a time!

How do we push content that is already on the external hard drive to iCloud?

And then that leads me to Apple Notes. Notes is looking much more useful, but before I start using it for more than a scratchpad, Where is it stored in iCloud, and how do we grab it, to back up on the external hard drive?

Yea, the here one minute, gone the next, with the latest releases have got me attempting to cover all my bases better. There’s too much on the line here for me to be loosing.

“It just works” is a phrase they can’t use anymore. Sold a lot of devices though,

I store my iMacs documents and desktop in iCloud. Stuff I do on the iPad is usually stored there also so it gets synced to the iMac. Everything on the iMac is backed up to multiple destinations, local and remote.

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