iPadOS - Home Screen Changes?

Since iPadOS came out today, I am not sure if everyone had time to play with it yet. But earlier this year in many of posts, many of us discussed the benefits of having no icons on the home screen and only the important multi-use icons in the dock (or something to that effect).

Has this changed for anyone now that there are widgets on the home screen? Share your new screen setup!

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Don’t forget the other big home screen changes in iPadOS:

  • Icons stay in the same relative position when you change orientations.
  • Shortcuts placed on the desktop now activate directly rather than bouncing you through Safari.

I feel like someone should write a document “a new way of using the iPad”

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I still hide almost all apps. Widgets on the home screen have been a huge help for me. The most significant element is the ability to have my shortcuts, task manager, and calendar right there.

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Mine’s still the same but more functional with the widget. No apps, just the widget on the homescreen.
(Posted it in this thread: iPadOS Homescreens! )

Problem with apps on the homescreen is they don’t really work for split screen. No way to easily add an app from the homescreen to another app in split screen that I’ve found (if you do, can you tell me?)

Only with a hardware keyboard and command-space.

These updates have made me a little sad for the lack of files on the homescreen. There’s still no “desktop as working space” metaphor in i*OS. Conceptually, we should be able to take any kind of content/material and work it with whatever tools we have. Instead we choose the tool, then find the material we’re working with. It’s a little funny that we’re still tool-first on these platforms. (I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, though!)

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Wouldn’t that also work with the software keyboard?
(Will try it :-))

I actually like the empty homescreen (or desktop) :slight_smile: But that’s personal preference

Love the new home screen and widgets, but am constantly moving apps around. I won’t embarrass myself by showing the second page as it’s a frightening mess of folders. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging: