IPadOS15.2 problems with BT keyboards?

Anyone having issues with external keyboards since updating to 15.2? I use a Keychron K2 which has been rock solid until this week’s update. Now it will work fine, and then after a few minutes, it will seem to start stuttering, not recording any key presses, and then inputting them all at once. It makes it unusable. A reset will fix it for 5 minutes before it happens again.

Anyone else?

Edit: seems like it might be Bluetooth interference from my AirPod Pro Max or more iMac, which is strange because it’s never done that before two days ago.

My rower has been a pain lately. I connect, and it disconnects before or just after I start rowing, sometimes a couple of times.
Nothing changed in the environment.

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I can’t figure it out. Turned off Bluetooth on various other devices and it still happens. Other times it’s fine. Keyboard or iPad could be going flakey, or something changed in the last update.

I think it’s iOS.
I don’t have any hard evidence, but nothing else has changed.