iPhone 10 dialing by it self

I know this sounds crazy, but my iPhone 10 called my wife’s iPhone 10 from another room. Called Apple and they have no clue. Any thoughts?

Two options.

Siri gone wild.

Skynet is taking over.

Sorry, I have no good Solutions. Lol

Im guessing you have Hey Siri on, so probably Hey Siri triggering itself on for no reason — it happens front time to time. The only “solution” is to retrain Siri’s voice recognition and hope it gets better.

To rule it out, try turning off the “Hey Siri” activation setting for a few days. Turn it back on when you feel ready to and if it hadn’t occurred you would need to keep a close eye on it … a downside of no visible Siri logging of requests. If it does still occur, then at least you have ruled it out.

Assuming rpthe retraining on voice suggested above doesn’t help, then I guess you might have to give some thought to a factory reset. After that, back to Apple with a list of everything you tried.