iPhone 11 Battery Cases

Creepy child voice: They’re heee-eere!

Notable: dedicated camera button.

I’ve had a battery case for as long as I can remember.

The iPhone 11 is the first iPhone I’ve had where I have not felt the need for one at all.

I ordered one for my 11 Pro for travel days.

I’ll probably get one when we next travel. The Pro Max easily lasts my workday.

I will be getting one in the future.

11 Pro Max that I frequently use as a hotspot for 8+ hours is easily lasting me until lights out. But that camera button sure would be handy. I never feel like the home screen camera button is fluid/fast but can’t really pin down why.

Because it isn’t. Used to be a 3D Touch, more or less immediate, now it’s a tap and hold, so takes just half a second or so longer.

So I picked one of these up for my 11 Pro Max. I won’t use it day-to-day as my battery lasts fine, but there will be some travel in December that I feel it will be good for.

So I just bought one of these yesterday. I really want to like it, but I really don’t that much. I am someone who ALWAYS goes battery case. Because having a charge available at all times is of premium importance to me I am willing to tolerate a lot. So here are my hot takes after one day of use:


  • The coolest thing is the OS integration. It really feels part of the phone.
  • LOTS of charge. From just a battery perspective, it is a beast.
  • The integrated camera button is cool (I guess). I wish it was used for something else (see below)
  • The Dark color is really nice, too


  • By far the most infuriating thing about this case is that IT. IS. ALWAYS. CHARGING. Even as I type this, I am still in shock that there is no way to turn off the charging. This may cause me to to return it. Why can’t I turn off the charger? Why cant they have made this extra button turn off the battery instead of taking photos. Ughhh… Every other cheap Amazon battery case has had this basic function.
  • The texture is annoying. The phone literally slips slowly out of your hand as you hold and type on it.
  • I think the hump design is still ugly. I know it’s always been this design, but it is still ugly.

I don’t know if I am keeping this or just use it for select days where I need more charging. I was so looking forward this coming out! Alas…

Kinda begs the question why would you want to? Charge is ALWAYS more valuable in your iPhone’s integrated battery.

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The Apple battery cases have never been able to turn off the battery case.

If you have the case on, you’re using the case’s battery until the case’s battery is depleted. Then it will use your iPhone’s battery.

Considering that Apple’s battery cases have always worked better than others of similar or even larger sizes, I suspect there is a good decision behind this, even if I don’t know what the “science” of it is.

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Just logically speaking, I can’t find a rationale for having a battery pack attached, but having the battery isolated.

Maybe I just having thought up the use case, but all the ones I can think of have an available and significantly better alternative behaviour.