iPhone 11 camera

Hei everyone,
I’m not at all happy with the camera of my iPhone 11 (not pro).
My major gripes are:

Do you think there is a hardware problem here? Should I send back my phone?

I come from an iPhone 7+ and I think that camera was better. I am of course not a expert, just super unsure what to think and do with this. What do you guys think???

Can you do a camera comparison test at these locations (maybe with a friend’s 7 if you’ve sold yours?) I’m not saying there’s no problem, but as these cameras get better you can find yourself becoming more aware of the limitations than you used to be when everything was uniformly worse, if that makes sense.

This looks quite normal to me. First photo, your focus point was probably further back, behind the lady and the low light scene caused the phone to choose the widest aperture available. This gives you a shorter depth of field.

Second image, as others said, you have a mixed light situation. The sodium light at the car is organge compared to the house lights behind it. Looks like the phone set the white balance based on the houses behind. We are just so accustomed to our eyes being able to see the same scene with much less color cast.

Third is a bit more strange, but it could be motion blur if the shutter dropped to 1/30 or lower. If you can get in and check the EXIF data for exposure info, that might tell us more. (I’m getting an “Access Denied” when trying to download the originals.)

Love Oslo, long time since I’ve been over…

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Mixed lighting situations, where artificial lights of different color temperatures are adjacent in a scene, are extremely common at night. These can be difficult to identify visually and nearly impossible to fully control, even with expensive DSLRs. Many cities have made strides to replace traditional sodium-vapor streetlights (which exude a yellow-orange color cast) with more energy-efficient LED lighting, but color casts from fluorescent lights too will show up more prominently in lower-light situations.

Color casts are normal depending on the light sources, and can result in a disproportionate amount of cyan, magenta or yellow. I get this all the time in my night shots, and I did 30 years ago with daylight-balanced film too.

If you really are unsure about your camera’s results follow the earlier suggestion by doing side-by-side comparisons with another cameraphone.

I think your results are normal. And they’re largely correctable in post-production (which can take time)


That’s a good point. I guess the brain color corrects much more when look at a scene vs when you look at a picture of that same scene. Thanks for that tip!

Maybe I am more aware of photography since I got my last phone, I thought about that as well.Here is a comparison of a similar scene with similar lighting condition (Yes I take pictures of busses for work now and then, haha)
iPhone 7+

iPhone 11

I think the 11 is oversaturated and and some details seem to drown in the color. Gotta say though that the advertisement looks better on the 11. The 7 + looks a bit “better” to me, just slightly though.

Checked the building tonight and yes the colors are different, I just never realized. It kinda sharpens your perception to look at the world being aware of that, so thanks!

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