iPhone 11 Pro Max - 12 Pro - 12 Pro Max - DECISIONS. DECISIONS. UGH!

Here comes this first world problem.

My wife uses and 11 Pro and I use an 11 Pro Max. 2 weeks ago, we discussed upgrading and figured it was worth it, because our parents needed to upgrade (they still have 6/7). We pass our 11s to them and get 12 Pro/Pro Max for us.

Pre-order Night - I had much difficulty trying to get my wife the phone. After 30 minutes of back and forth on several devices to order a 12 Pro, 256 GB, Pacific Blue. Well, because of the constant issues at the payment, I can pressing submit. I ended up having 2 separate orders go through. I know the wise answer would be to cancel one order. However, for the first time ever I didn’t get the email that the order was processing email. I decided to hold on to both orders until one of them physically arrived.

Pick-Up Day - I picked up the first order on release day, got my wife’s phone taken care of, etc. I tried to cancel the 2nd order…but too late, once the shipping process starts. I have to wait till it gets delivered and then start the return process per Apple.

Last night/this morning - My wife needed help with something on her phone. I have been using her phone most of last night/this morning adjusting some settings and configuring things.

Current situation - I have a 12 Pro that is set to be delivered today (that 2nd order). Torn between just keeping it…because my utter laziness for having to wake up at an early time next Friday, if I really want the 12 Pro Max.

Choose your adventure…

  1. What would you do!?
  2. Why?!

You’re going to be using this phone for year(s). If you really want a Pro Max, it’s worth going through the hassle of a return and waking up early on Friday to get the phone you want.

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