iPhone 11 Super-Basic SIM Card Question

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve dealt with a “locked” device, so I’m hoping some of y’all can confirm…

I have a locked T-Mobile iPhone 11, and I want to switch my carrier.

If I meet T-Mo’s unlock requirements (right now, it looks like I just have to pay off the balance on the device) and get T-Mo to unlock it, I’d be able to (in theory) flip the SIMs back and forth between T-Mo and new carrier to test things out - correct? Maybe just have to reboot the phone in between?

But while it’s still locked, I won’t be able to use a non-T-Mo SIM?

Yep, all correct. When unlocked it should show searching… then pop up with the relevant carrier. Whilst locked it will say no service for a non t mobile sim.


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The short answer is “Yes” to all of your questions.

It can take some days until your request has been submitted to Apple by your carrier and until the new data is being available to your iPhone (unlocking information).

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