iPhone 12 Preorder Thread

I bought the totallee transparent cases and screen protectors. https://www.totalleecase.com/products/iphone-12-pro-case?variant=32511840452670

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ESR clear kickstand case which I have loved on my 11 pro. my fave case ever.

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Hi all - I ordered mine on Friday the 16th too. First time to ever preorder on the first day which was pretty exciting for me.

I got the unlocked 12 pro pacific blue, in keeping with the theme here, 128gb and got one mag-safe charger and the clear case with Apple Care.

It is saying mine won’t be delivered until Nov 6.

Is this because I ordered too late in the day? I thought I’d be getting it on Oct 23 like everyone else who ordered early?

In general, those who order early in the AM get their phones delivered on the earliest date. Delivery date can also be affected by the model/color/storage of phone you choose. If the phone is a combination of model/color/ storage that is very popular, the later you wait to order, the more delayed the delivery time will be. If you had ordered the 12 pro/256/gold and that combination is not popular, you might have gotten an earlier delivery date.

I ordered my wife’s phone (same model/color/storage your’s) mid-afternoon on Friday the 16th and the delivery date is scheduled to be Oct 30-Nov 6.

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I always go unlocked, if possible, but it seems like lately the only difference is the sim included, not a different build for the carrier anymore.

What time did you order? I placed my order at 7:01am Central. I read that delivery date started to slip just several minutes after that.

Thanks for this. I didn’t take this into account otherwise I might have added a little more storage or something else to the order! Ha…

I should also mention it is unlocked.

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I didn’t do it until about 3pm on Friday (EST). :frowning:

Previous phones have had the Apple leather case on them. I plan to look at the same whenever they become available. Since I got the Pacific Blue model, I will be looking into a similarly colored case instead of the previous black leather.

For now, just to feel more comfortable, I picked up a “cheap” clear Insignia plastic case at Best Buy. I was looking for a similar one at Target but they were out of stock at the local store and BB was across the street which was much closer than the next Target. No idea how it will work with MagSafe but it works fine with regular Qi charging.

Thanks for the tip on ESR. I wasn’t familiar with them and got a good deal on Amazon for a kickstand case and screen protectors. I really like the case so far.

@JoePreiser - I picked up the Baltic Blue case at my Apple Store on Friday when it came available. I love it on the pacific blue phone. Color is as close as steel/glass and leather can get.