iPhone 15 "non-pro" vs 13 Pro

My wife has an iPhone 13 Pro and I’m thinking about upgrading it to the regular iPhone 15 (non-pro).

iPhone 15 advantages

  • USB-C. I’m also upgrading, so we would use the same cables at home, car, travel, etc.
  • 48MP Camera + Portrait mode after the fact
  • U2 chip
  • A16 SoC (vs A15 on 13 Pro)
  • Dynamic Island
  • X70 modem
  • Lighter

iPhone 15 cons

  • 60Hz screen (no ProMotion) but I did some tests with my 11 and she didn’t notice the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz.
  • Two cameras on the 15 vs three on the 13 Pro. Having said that, the iPhone 15 main camera can do 2x zoom with good quality, and the 3x telephoto on the 13 Pro is really low quality. Besides, I really think the 13 Pro software processing is weird. I frequently find that my iPhone 11 photos look better than the 13 Pro.

Am I missing something here?

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I have an iPhone 11 so the regular iPhone 15 would be a major upgrade for me. But photography is no longer my business or hobby and the 11 is still a good “point & shoot” camera. And it is still able to do everything else that I need.

So if I choose to upgrade to a new iPhone it is because I want a new phone, not because I need one. Do you need a new phone or just want one?

I just found this on YouTube. Maybe it will help you make your decision.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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