iPhone as "Hearing Aid"

An 84-year-old colleague uses hearing aids but they seem to not be that effective. I got to wondering if there was an iPhone app that another person could speak into and would be sent to his bluetooth audio device (iPods, earbuds, headsets, etc.). These would not be intended to replace hearing aids, but if he were having longer conversations or informal chats with other colleagues, that might be useful. Besides, he would get the benefit of the audio devices for music, etc.



The built-in Live Listen feature does this for iOS 14.3 and newer with AirPod, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or PowerBeats Pro.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for that. I was not aware of that feature even though I’ve been running iOS 15 since PB 2! I’ll let my colleague know.

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Hearing aids that are Apple compatible have a similar capability. I select Live Listen on my iPhone, hand my iPhone to the person and their voice will transmit from my iPhone directly to my hearing aids via BT. First link is Live Listen and second is supported hearing aids.



Idk. But I read or heard something about the air pods being used as hearing aids. Sounded intriguing to me. Evidently they can cut back on the annoying sounds people with hearing deficiencies often experience with regular hearing aids. Besides, I am fairly sure that hearing aids are exceedingly expensive.

For what it’s worth…


In addition to apps like Live Listen, consider apps like Otter and Live Transcribe, which do a pretty good job of transcribing speech on the fly.

Hearing aids can be very expensive, but there can also be huge differences in the cost of a pair depending who’s selling them. It’s a very opaque market and pays to shop around if you can.

My 83 year old Mom had been using AirPods as a “hearing aid” of sorts. Was just fitted for a proper/actual hearing aid. She prefers the AirPods.