iPhone closing apps

Im finding that my iPhone X (so not a super old phone) keeps closing my apps. I use Outlook for my work email, and I switch to another app for a few minutes (e.g. Drafts) and when switching back Outlook completely reopens from scratch.

This is especially annoying if I open a file in Outlook in another app (e.g. PowerPoint) and then when I return to the Outlook app it relaunches, even if I’m in the middle of writing an email.

Has anyone else found this? Is it an Outlook issue or an iPhone issue?

It’s an iOS feature that aggressively quits dormant apps. It’s been an annoyance for several months.

It happens after only a few seconds though?

This was reported with early versions of iOS 13 but was supposed to have been adjusted in later versions.

I’ve even switched to the beta in desperation but it’s still happening

It doesn’t happen for me in other applications, I just tested it. I opened a file in Mail and went through a couple of other applications for a few mins, and Mail was still open and on the same email, it didn’t restart.

It must be related either to a problem on your phone or the Outlook app.

Happens for me with outlook as well as Evernote. Very annoying and I hope it’s something Apple addresses as apparently it’s out of the hands of app developers. Battery life is important but so is maintaining usability.

it happens with my phone also sometimes… thanks for bringing this up. i need to reset me phone and check

I’ve just bought an iPhone 11 and the Outlook issue prevails.

I can switch for mere seconds to Safari and back and it resets the app.