iPhone disabled

Daughter had her iPhone screen repaired at a cheap and dodgy place and it came back with “iPhone disabled” on the home screen. Hasn’t been backed up for three months and she removed family sharing with iCloud backup because she didn’t want all the notifications. Yes - I’m annoyed.

Is there any possibility of restoring or is it bricked?

Hard lesson for her to learn.

I don’t have any experience with that situation, but you could try the free download of iMazing to see if it can read the data on the phone when it is in that condition. I’ll be honest, I going to say I don’t think it will be able to as I believe you would have to be able to unlock the phone when connecting it.

Apple’s service is pretty amazing, you could also try a genius bar appointment to see if they can help. Again I’m guessing they would be hands off because of the the third party repair but might be worth a shot.

Thanks - I’ve told her to book a Genius appointment

And to not opt out of family sharing next time!

Sheesh - you pay for the family plan for iCloud and Backblaze but they don’t listen

What notifications is she talking about?
There is nothing specific about the shared iCloud storage space if you use the family plan and she has her own account that uses part of that space.

I’ve seen this plenty of times…

Most 3rd party repair shops don’t bother to power off a phone before replacing the display. They end touching the screen and accidentally entering random numbers which in turns putting it into disabled mode.

Her only option is to restore the phone via iTunes and learn a hard lesson.

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