iPhone doorbell recommendations UK

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone in the UK has found a reliable Iphone doorbell !
Amazon UK has quite a list of them but fairly negative comments about most of them. It is difficult to sort out which one would be best.
On a previous post the Ring doorbell gets negative comments about delays.
Anyway, would really appreciate ideas and experiences of others.
Many thanks. Dorothy

I have a Ring 3 Plus battery and it works fine on my iPhone.
Haven’t noticed any noticeable delays when the button is pressed to a notification.
I suspect a lot of people don’t think about wifi signal on the other side of the door etc, I have a mesh network setup which gives a good signal by the front door.

Thank you @aardy It seems to be important to get Ring 3 rather than 2. Really helpful I’ll do a bit more research. thanks

Was playing around with homebridge today and there’s a Ring plug in for it and now the doorbell shows in the home app too

That’s interesting, thank you for sharing. I haven’t got started with the home app yet !