IPhone getting hot when charging

I am using an Anker Qi charger for my iPhone 8. It was working fine until about a week ago when I noticed that my iPhone was getting warm. It doesn’t happen if I use the cable to charge. Has anyone else had this problem or have a solution.

Wireless charging is a lot less efficient then using a cable. And less efficient simply means more energy is converted into heat.
That is btw also why QI charging will degrade your battery faster, it simply gets hotter while charging.

But I don’t think thats something to worry about, just a side effect of the technology.

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Thanks @jl_siewert. I just thought it was odd that it didn’t do that before so I got concerned. I may go with a combo of both.

It could be an alignment issue.
The less aligned and centered the phone is on the charger, the more inefficient (➔ hotter) it gets.

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Interesting. I’ve been having overheating problems lately with Qi charging. I’ll have to see if changing the orientation helps!

Have you noticed a difference?