Iphone Going into Disabled Mode in Wife's Purse

This is driving my wife crazy. She has an Iphone 7 and several times a day she finds it has gone into disabled mode and she has to wait 15 minutes to put in her 6 digit login code. This happens without her making multiple entries of her login. It happens while it is sitting in her purse. I can’t figure out what is causing this. Anyone familiar with this issue?


What’s her purse made of? Does it have magnets or something inside of it? Something is causing her iPhone to think someone is entering the passcode and getting it wrong.

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Another thought is to make sure she presses the side button to turn the screen off. Sometimes people just press the home button to end the currently app and then toss the iPhone into a bag, purse, pocket and then the screen still being active may launch an app by accident.

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Thanks for the tips. I solved the problem. It was her case! She got a case with cute little dogs all over it because - well because she is a crazy dog person. The case was advertised as being for the IPhone 7 but it is snug and there are covers for the side buttons. I suspected that maybe the case was so snug that the keys that will do an emergency lock of your phone were being pressed in her purse. I bought her a new case without covers over the buttons (and, sadly, no dogs). The problem stopped.

BTW: This can also happen when putting a switched-on bluetooth keyboard in your bag.

Haha - you at least should get her a dog wallpaper!


Personally, I think you should upgrade the wife’s purse. Perhaps a Gucci or Louis Vuitton?

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