iPhone Pre-order Fail

Last night I put in a preorder for an iPhone 13 Pro. This morning the Apple store had no record of it, so I had to go through the whole process again.

I still got delivery for next Friday, so no damage done, but it was a waste of time.

I also had a failure issue this morning. All was set to go and, once the store updated, went straight to the checkout screen. I entered my Apple Card details and tapped to check out only to get repeated failures even though everything was correct. I even requested a new card number to no avail. I finally switched to another credit card and it went through with delivery on the 24th.

Apple card wasn’t working. I ended up putting in my Amazon Visa card and that worked. Unfortunately, my details are October 6 through the 12. I’m disappointed in this.

Lots of folks apparently having issues trying to check out using Apple Card.

I had an issue too, but found that if I waited a minute, the Apple Pay dialog eventually popped up. There was no feedback after clicking the button, so it wasn’t a good experience.

On Friday September 24, 2021, or sometime later, my wife and I will be receiving somewhere between 0 and 30 iPhone 13 Pros.

Kept rejecting both of our AppleCards (both in good standing). Had to cancel both pre-pre-orders and start each purchase from scratch. Was able to order my wife’s new phone after 40 minutes and mine after an hour and 50 minutes. Still would not take my AppleCard, but was finally successful using her card for my phone. Was not going to use our Visa.

Usually see more posts here describing purchase experiences. Has anyone had a good experience? Or are they still trying?

This was the worst experience for me checking out since probably iPhone 7 days. The store didn’t come online for me until 8:05 and then it didn’t have my order saved. Then it failed and the store went back down as I was trying to readd the phone. Then when it came back it was quite slow to load.

I did manage to get a phone ordered so not sure if it was unexpected demand or just some poor configuration issues. This is the first year I’ve just ordered using the website though and not the Apple Store app so I wonder if that mattered at all?

I’m not upset though. It’s fine and even if the delivery date slipped it’s just a phone. :joy::man_shrugging:t2: I feel bad for the server admins.

It was straightforward just now (256 blue Pro with trade-in on Apple Card.) I was surprised the due dates for the Pro hadn’t slipped at all.

Yes - you are right.

That was very surprising.

Failed for me too, but somewhat differently.

When I followed the instructions on How to sign in, after about 5 minutes of Not Ready Yet messages I got in and my order was gone. So I attempted to reorder but couldn’t get it to verify my current phone.

Then I went back to the email and clicked on View your saved iPhone which showed I did have one in my bag. I was then able to check out, even with Apple Pay.

So one week and I get my new iPhone, basic 128GB model in black. Replaces my 4 year old 8+.

I attempted to order at 5:05am PDT - on the way to bed. My preorder information was gone as well. I tried for a while to re-enter information (site was very unresponsive) and eventually got to a login request. That failed, as did my patience and my interest in staying up. I was never one for standing in a line in the rain outside an Apple store and this was starting to feel a bit like that. It’s… just a phone. One (13 Pro) that I’ll not be getting until late October if I order now.

My pre-order didn’t go through either. I really wish Apple had ironed it out more before pre-orders actually went live. :slightly_frowning: