iPhone Question

I have a question about my upcoming iPhone upgrade. When I receive my new iPhone XS do I have to unpair my Apple Watch from my iPhone 8 or will the pairing just transfer over to the iPhone XS when I run the setup?

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It looks like if you are on 11.2 or later, it should automatically get setup.

I found this in an iMore article.

iCloud and Automatic Setup

As of iOS 11.2, Apple allows you to use Automatic Setup to move both your iPhone backup and your Apple Watch to a new iPhone without the unpairing-repairing dance. But to make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone get moved over properly, I recommend the following:

  • Make sure your watch is up-to-date is by enabling iCloud Health sync
  • Make a backup of your existing iPhone right before you plan to transfer to your new iPhone
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Joe. Thanks for the info. It’s just what I needed. Looks like my switch over to my new iPhone will be “Plug and Play” instead of like back in the old Windows days when it was “Plug and Pray”.