IPhone Ruminations

Anyone waiting to buy a couple months after the new phones ship?

Chewing Over

My current phone first gen Moto E.

Jealous of my spouses iPhone X, I decided to go for the larger phone.

I’ve used a 8 plus. The Max is an ok size. And… a larger screen.


I’m headed to an apple store this weekend to see what they feel like in my hands first, then deciding. If I like the max size I’ll go with that, but if not I’ll wait another month for the R to come out probably.

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I passed by my local Apple Store and saw it finally has huge signage for the new Watch and iPhones (interestingly, without any text identifying as new, or identifying them at all, actually). A rep told me the other day that the Watches and XSes will be on the floor on Friday the 21st.

I’m a bit conflicted. I’ve been absolutely sure I was going to get an unlocked xsMax, but I want to take a gander at the XR in a month. I’ve been doing a lot more photography recently (on my mirrorless camera and my 6S Plus) and I know I’d be really happy with an xsMax, but I’m thinking I might get more photographic bang for my buck by applying the extra $500 over the XR to a new digital camera…

As a professional photographer I want the best cameras with me I can “afford”. I normally know that I will upgrade my phone/camera regularly so I use the early purchase programs open to me. This spreads the cost out and there are no interest charges. My current plan is to buy the Xs Max. I am on an X and had Plus sizes before that. I know the feel of that size phone. I am interested in the other display views you get from the device.

The reviews are starting to come out and it is looking like the camera improvements are more interesting than we thought. The sensor on the “wide” camera is about 30% larger and that is an important change. The software improvements are interesting also. Check out Daring Fireball review and Austin Mann review. A lot about photography there.

The “r” model is not for me it does not have the second camera.

I wonder if it will be big enough to “displace” my iPad Pro? I wonder what kind of keyboard I would carry with me to do that? I wonder if I am falling under the spell of Apple Marketing? I wonder if I am a bit “touched in the head”?


I’m coming from the 7+. I haven’t decided what I want to do either. I bought the 7+ for the camera and the increased battery even though I generally would prefer a smaller phone. What are your thoughts on how the XR phone camera would compare with my current 7+, or even the XS?

Never mind. I was thinking of the XR until I read the specs. On AT&T’s website I was able to compare my 7+ with the current offerings, and yes. I think the XR would be a step backward in terms of the camera. So now, if I upgrade at all, it will be a decision between the XS and the XMax. It seems the camera is the same on both of the upper end models and the real difference is battery life (and size, obviously). Please correct me if I’m wrong. Is there anything else I’m missing?

Coming from a 7+ the XR would take you back to a single lens camera, but it is the exact same lens as the wide camera on the XS. And the XR has the A12 CPU with the upgraded neural engine, so the XR should get all the computational photography enhancements that the XS has. I’d say it’s more of a “one step forward, one step back” from the 7+. If the camera will be the deciding factor you might want to wait until the XR comes out and we get some reviews of it’s camera setup, including seeing how well the software-only portrait mode works before you decide.

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I have purchased the Xs MAX and from my initial testing and general shooting the new cameras and software provide a much better experience. I can take pictures where I would not have tried before. No this will not replace a $5K SLR. Apple has underplayed what they have done with the photgraphic system on the Xs phones.

Digital photography backed up by automated computational enhancements is a whole new world. Just the way the “image” is displayed on the screen is different than the iPhone X. There is a LOT more going on here.

If you are interested in the Xr or have budget to deal with I would relax and wait. The Xr is very interesting. (As is the Pixel 3). It is a wonderful time to be a photographer.

Look for Austin Mann’s review. Read the blog posts from the developer of Hailide app. John Gruber did some interesting work also.

Remember these things are very expensive and moderate that as needed please.