iPhone screen not dimming

I have the “auto lock” set to “30 seconds”. My phone that was just fully charged this morning, and I had it on the desk next to me. It just popped up an hour ago to tell me the battery was almost dead.

Set it on my Qi charger just now. Set the “auto lock” to 60 seconds, just in case changing the setting would help somehow. The screen has been on for a pretty solid 5 minutes.

Anybody have any idea why this might be happening?

Have you check the battery setting to see what is reported as hogging your battery?

Overcast is my #1 usage, but that doesn’t surprise me - I listen to podcasts all the time. And I listened to some this morning. But I don’t remember the screen ever staying on just because a podcast was playing in the background.

Nope, not normally

What time does Overcast say it was on screen and in the background?

Have you tried rebooting your phone? It could just be a glitch in the matrix.