iPhone Screen Protector?

I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, it has a belkin screen protector from the Apple store. First time ever I had one crack on me. I like putting screen protectors on my phone and iPad, but I’m starting to wonder are they worth it? Do you need it?

I run a screen protector on my iPhone, mainly so when it gets scratches I can replace it rather than being stuck with a cracked screen. The iPad is generally better protected against scratches so I don’t bother there.

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Absolutely worth it. I too have the Belkin ones from an Apple Store. (More because they apply it so well than anything else - I’m terrible at it!)

TOUCH WOOD - I haven’t had any incidents with my 12 Pro Max yet (that’s it, I’ve jinxed it!) but on my previous iPhone X I had dropped it onto tarmac or other surfaces twice and each time the screen protector smashed.

Both times it looked terrible. But both times when they peeled off the protector, the screen underneath was PERFECT without any defects not even a micro scratch! Put a new protector on, and good as new!

Certainly a cheaper option than replacing the screen - especially when AppleCare ran out!!

Deffo keep the screen protectors!

iPhone-yes; iPad-no

I definitely put one right from the minute the phone comes out from the box if possible. As most people do, I put my phone in the pant’s pocket, sometime I have keys other other things in the same pocket and I do not want it scratched. I normally use glass for phone and paperlike plastic for my iPad for writing

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Thanks everyone, I will put the replacement screen protector on my phone. Like I said I have the belkin for the 12 pro max, my phone fell off of my couch and onto carpet and it cracked. So I just did the warranty and belkin is sending me one then I take that to the Apple store for installation. It is nice how Apple has the machine to do it. Thanks again.

I don’t use a protector and have had no issues. My case was slightly deeper than the screen which gave sufficient protection when I first got my phone.

The case started peeling so I’m running with no protection now without issues, and several drops later my phone is fine and no screen scratching - possibly luck more than judgement.

I read somewhere that the screens are less brittle now and so are more resistant to scratching and cracking - not sure how true that is. My X scratched horribly really quickly, but my 11 is totally fine and scratch free.

I put one on my phone from the first minute it’s out of the box. Why not? I do this for most of my friends too and have replaced theirs when cracked several times. Now, there’s no way to know if the screen would have cracked just because the screen protector did. But why not?

I buy the Speigen ones because they’re cheap, they come with a kit that makes it very easy to install, and I’ve never had any issues using them. You get 2 for $12-15.

Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/3NI8ZDe

Not sure if we’re allowed to do Amazon links so if not, search for:
Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT] designed for iPhone 13 Pro (2021)

I do the same. Cheap Amazon tempered glass screen protectors are cheap enough that unless somebody really doesn’t want that extra layer on their screen, they’re a no-brainer for me.

I didn’t use them back in the day when phones were cheaper, but when we’re paying $1000 for a phone a $5 screen protector seems like a no-brainer.