iPhone Storage Suggestions

hey MPU,

What does everyone do to keep their iPhone Storage under control? On my iPhone/iPad, this week I started getting notifications concerning my storage. Those 3 devices are iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro, iPad Mini.

Culprits: These numbers vary from 2GB-5GB depending on the devices.
Photos - 155GB
Day One - 30GB
Messages - 15GB

I do not have ‘offload unused apps’ in use at all. That would save maybe 10GB, it would just be nice if it could list the apps.

I could optimize photos and that would save me 90GB, but I tried that in the past, I’ve always had lag issues when it comes to sharing or viewing things.

Any other suggestions?

I have no idea if this is true of the newer devices but with my old iPad… podcasts were taking up significantly more room than I ever would have thought.

It would seem that photos are the obvious choice. So which causes the larger headache, lag or storage? Sometimes there is no perfect solution.

Maybe buy more storage?

My two largest storage buckets are also Photos and Day One. I have been using optimise storage on my iPhone since 2019 and it’s been fine. Having a decent wifi connection helps tremendously.

I recommend it. Give it a try for a few weeks and see how you go. Have a backup just in case. That’s what I did when I first tested this out

I was one of those who wanted my entire photos and day one to be on my iPhone. I have since changed my view, saved a few dollars every year. I also found initial setup of the iPhone is quicker because I am not downloading the entire library. Further, when I use other devices to create DAY one entries or take pictures, these entries show up quicker on the iPhone because it’s not downloading the entire file.

There are definite trade offs thought especially if you have poor network.

For me, I am always on wifi or 5g so it’s not a concern.

My Photos library is essentially why I’ve been 256 or 512 GB phones for a while now.

I am in the same mentality, wanting my Photos and Day One always accessible, but it’s a data hungry beast.

I also had a random thought concerning Day One. I am trying to see are there other options to journaling, something easier that family can access later on when I am not around. Or at least if they had some collaborative option.

Fast approaching reasons now for 1Tb phones :man_facepalming:

I also regularly clean out my phone of blurry photos, messed up moments, etc. No need for 65 copies of the same photo either.

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I’m not there yet, but I’m sure it will come eventually.

I bought an idiskk designed precisely for photos and it couldn’t be any easier.

I don’t recall paying quite that much and the one I have a link for, well, I doubt it has 1 TB. But I highly recommend it for ease of use.

It takes me a matter of mere minutes every few weeks.

I don’t have my photos optimized because I seemingly takes longer for them to download and I fear the quality might not be as nice although AppleCare has assured me otherwise.

Also, you can optimize them on one device and not on another. For instance, I have an ol iPad mini and there just isn’t enough storage for my photos so I optimize them there. I can’t print off of it anyway. So if you have more room on your Mac don’t optimize there and just do it for the phone wherein you do need the space.

You might want to double-check that info but I am relatively certain I heard MacSparky say it.


I have optimise storage and I let my my decide how to store photos - it works well.

I don’t look back at my photos often enough for it to be an issue and downloading the odd one to share works fine when needed.

I find it easier to delete screenshots. I go through the photos a couple of times a week usually.