iPhone/Watch keeps mentioning old address

I have been at a new address since Nov. 23. Every time I get in my vehicle, I get a notification on my phone and watch how long it will take to get to my old address. I have changed the address in Apple Maps and reset the phone’s network settings and location settings, but the old address is still mentioned. I’m wondering if some how the UConnect system in the vehicle is the culprit.

This isn’t the only issue I have had. My ETA app was also mixed up. I would change the address to the location I was at, but the app screen would still show the time it would take to get to the old address even though it had been changed to the new address. With that app, I ended up deleting all my different addresses in the app and adding them anew.

Have you taken the old address out of your own card in contacts?
I had a similar problem, but it’s been a few years and don’t remember how I solved it.

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I did! One thing I didn’t mention was that Day One for awhile before I reset the phones location and network settings said I had been in both locations within minutes of each. I hadn’t even left town and my old location was at least 45 minutes away.

Maybe the watch likes you old place better! Ha!

Very same thing happened to me when I changed my office address. I don’t think this has anything to do with the addresses in your contact list. The iPhone/watch learns your habits and makes recommendations. It took a while, but after a month or so it now recommends my new office each morning…

I did that reset a few weeks ago. I did travel to that old address for eleven years.

I’m now getting the right notifications. It seemed to have taken a month to get sorted out.