iPhone XR screen issue

My mom iPhone XR zagg glass + was scratched but at end it was cracked.

I removed it and when I was cleaning the display on the bottom portion there a scratch there after using the wet wipe zagg provided to install the new one And the scratch looked like a scribble but it was in a circle.

Would Apple replace the display I have apple care plus.

I don’t think so. If I remember correctly, they will replace it when it’s broken (other members to confirm that). You might want to actually break it if this is the case.

The store giving me mixed result.

I called the store they told yes it’s covers but the tech genuins might tell me are you sure you want to use it for scratch.

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I don’t personally have the courage to do it. And I don’t think it’s the best thing to do. But Apple is not clear on what is included as Accidental damage. Others in the forum here mentioned this was their only to get the screen replaced.

That’s why I’m going to see what they suggest.

Since you have AppleCare+ on the phone… you can use one of your accidental damage claims to get it replaced. In the US, your cost would be $29 + tax. Apple will not cover this under Limited Warranty. This is completely your decision to make. A technician may try to talk you out of it, but again it is completely your decision.

Damaging a phone is considered Abuse and that would not be covered under AppleCare+ coverage. Also a poor idea IMO.

The initial scratch is accidental. That’s what I meant.


Yes I did by accident the phone always has temper glass.

The store said it’s covered I will pay for the damage I did.

I went to Apple the tech genius told me not to waste my apple care plus on a scratch and told me keep it covered with a temper glass.