iPhone XS - Maps app has trouble finding my location to start route

Several times in the last few days I’ve used Maps to starting navigating to a new location, only to have it have trouble figuring out where I am and actually start navigating. The problem all seem to center around the phone getting slightly confused about where I am.

  1. The first time this happened, Maps didn’t even start tracking my location. I got something like a “proceed to the route” message. I ended up turning around the wrong way. I expected that the phone would find me and tell me to turn around, but it was still in the mode where it wanted me to first get on the route. I turned around and actually got on the route, but Maps didn’t pick that up, and in fact didn’t locate me for another 1/2 mile or more.
  2. In a second instance, I was heading down the freeway when Maps suddenly started telling me to turn around - apparently it thought I was now off the freeway on a side street and needed me to get back on the freeway.
  3. In a third instance, it thought I was several streets over from where I really was. I kept trying to restart the navigation and have it locate me, but it took just driving on the route for a while for it to finally pick me up. I even rebooted the phone, but that didn’t seem to fix the issues.

At first I was thinking that there was a serious bug in iOS 12.0, but I’ve seen no reports of other people having these issues. Now I’m beginning to wonder if my XS is having trouble with hardware trouble with GPS.

Anyone else ever seen anything like this?

Looks like I’m dealing with a hardware problem. The clue: I used apps that could show me whether or not they were connecting with any GPS satellites, and I found that I was not getting connected.

The first app of this type I tried was Motion X GPS. It has a ‘My position’ menu option that shows what kind of GPS connectivity I was getting. I was able to compare it with my cellular (and thus GPS-equipped) iPad.

The second more specfic app I got was one called ‘GPS Diagnostic: Satellite Test’. This confirmed the results of the first one.

I took the phone into the Apple Store. They wanted to do a full factory restore: unstandable, but it did not fix the problem. I’m now waiting for a second walk-in appointment where I expect they’ll replace my XS.