iPhone XS vs iPhone 5 (iOS 13 vs iOS 6) how's the speed?

Hello mac power users,

I’m still using an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 because this is the most fluid and beautiful iOS version I’ve ever had.

The question is, are there any other iPhone 5 users who could say how fluid they find themselves on their iPhone XS with iOS 12?

Is it as smooth as it used to be? or are there still frame drops? 60fps animations??

Oh man! I had an iPhone 6 and jumped to an iPhone 8, the speed is excellent! Not quite what your looking for but hope it helps.

oh wow, you must not have a lot of apps. I don’t think Whatsapp even run on iOS 6 now and that is a communications app that can run on even feature phone. And if you don’t use any other apps except stock, you probably don’t need to upgrade?

And yes, XS is super fluid… you should try it out in a store. It’s night and day.
Edit to add that I came from 6 Plus (on iOS 12) to XS Max.

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I’d say 12 is the first iOS that feels like it’s fully recovered UI performance-wise from the jump to iOS 7.

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Thanks to everyone for the information.