Is Adapt Podcast Dead?

I’ve always enjoyed listening to the Adapt podcast but there has not been a new episode since December 2020. Is Adapt dead??

Yes, the web page says it is retired…and the 41st episode description says it was the final episode.

I obviously missed that. That is too bad. I enjoyed it.


It was a good podcast, but anytime Federico talks about iPads, I know at some point I will be screaming “That’s even easier to do on a Mac!” at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed! Or, go on “forever” on shortcuts. :slight_smile:


Appropriate that it died when the M1 came out. :smiley:

Probably true. When I got my M1 my iPad use, while still important, is definitely less.

It ended when Ryan Christoffel, Federico Viticci’s co-host on the show, left MacStories for a new job.

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