Is anybody all in with iOS stock apps?

I have switched to iOS only. I use 2Do, DTTG, iA Writer, Fantastical, etc for various daily tasks. Has anyone switched to iOS only and only rely on the stock apps? (IE: Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Files) What are your opinions and use cases?

Side note: I do use the stock email app and I use Weather Channel app for weather and radar.

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Yup, I do.

I always test other apps, but I think my needs are too frugal for them.

For example, I downloaded Things 3, played with it for a while, but found out that “Reminders” fully integrates with my workflow.

Sometimes I think that we complicate our lives by assuming we need complicated apps.


I mostly use the stock apps. Mail is important to me and I do not normally feel the need for more. I have tested about every Note storage system out there and Apple Notes wins for me. I like the Apple Calendar but I toy with fantastical. I use reminders for a lot of things but my wife and I use AnyList for groceries and I use OmniFocus for work. I am changing to a new CRM system in my business and it may take the work projects and tasks out of OF. Calendars will still be a problem in 17hats as it only works with google calendar sync. . I use the files app but have Documents as a backup.

Note that I am not all IOS I am IOS “primary”. My photography workflows need more than the IOS photos app. A couple of my systems require Google Chrome on the Desktop…

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Yes - see here.

I don’t use any of the Apple stock apps.

Mail - Airmail
Calendar - Fantastical
Reminders/Tasks - Omnifocus
Weather - Dark Sky
Writing - Drafts
Journaling - Day One
Cloud - Synology, Dropbox

This works for me. Yes, I did try the default apps for several months, but always had something that bothered me.

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I love Apple Notes as a cross-platform app. It’s not perfect (no manual reshuffling of files) but it’s the best high-quality cross-platform free solution I’ve seen for iOS/Mac.

I do dip into the Stocks app from time to time. I don’t have a lot of need for it, but I like the new iteration’s inclusion of more relevant related articles for a given company.

I use the internal programming framework of Reminders/Siri to auto import alarms in Due on iOS.

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Quite unintentional - I am pretty much mostly using all stock apps. I was in that circle of constantly looking for better, but always ended up coming back to most of the stock apps. One exception being the weather apps - weather patterns are pretty complex where I live in South Florida and I find the micro-forecasting apps do a much better job.

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I use a few of the stock apps, like Messages, Find Friends and Safari. Also use the stock Camera for shooting, but usually something else for editing. I use Files, because that’s what we have (it’s pretty terrible right now, but it allows me to do stuff I couldn’t before). Finally, I do use the stock Clock app as my alarm and count down timer.

And oh, Voice Memos on occasion, even if I also have Ferrite installed.

For anything else, I use something from the AppStore.

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