Is anyone still using Cocktail, Onyx, or TinkerTool

I’ve been around Macs since 1984 when I bought my 128K Mac and later MacPlus. Over the decades, there are have been tons of “must have” apps and extensions that were “necessary” to add to the functionality or tweak the MacOS. Cocktail, Onyx, and TinkerTool are all apps that I used to use “back in the day”, but I’m now wondering how necessary they still are for the modern MacOS (Catalina, Big Sur)? Is anyone still using these? If so, why? What do you find compelling about them?


I use Onyx frequently, and it still works for me!

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What aspects of Onyx are you using?

+1 for Onyx. Good for monitoring and tweaking.


Curiously, what things still need tweaking with Catalina and Big Sur? I was of the opinion that these tools had outlived their usefulness. No?

That Onyx site’s “download” link generates a 404.

I believe this is the correct download link for Onyx.

I use MacPilot (also part of Setapp), mostly for setting esoteric preferences that can be set at the command-line, but I find MacPilot easier to use.

All except removing messages

Mostly for rebuilding the spotlight index, rebuilding mailboxes and most important: cleanup of caches

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Cleanup the DNS cash really helps :slight_smile: