Is anyone still using IFTTT?

I haven’t used it in years and I see they are going to start a subscription. Are there really cool uses for it that might persuade me to return? I checked out their website and the Day One applets look comprehensive, what else is there? Thanks for any info.

See this thread on the Automators forum (BG13’s question - not many answers though):

I use it and have for a long time. Swayed about the subscription but when they said pay what you want for life I went in.

It’s good. Multi actions are decent and it’s reliable and quick.

Guess it depends what your use case is, I have various things running through it which I can’t find other ways to do so had to make a call.

someone at the automators pointed out that “we will honor it indefinitely” does not mean forever or for life.

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With many companies, life means the life of the company which is short-lived in many cases.

I would recommend that all software devs take some basic business courses so they can understand aspects of a P&L and cash flow.

Also some Marketing classes, I am finding so many apps buried due to lack of marketing by their developers.