Is Apple Mail analyzing the content of an E-Mail

I am using a system of different Mailadresses, to have some kind of protection against SPAM, and to be able to sort the relevant Mails I receive into my System of Mail-Folders.
As Apple has unfortunately no possibility to set an Alias-Adress if I send a Mail towards one of the Receipiants I use special Adresses with, I use a Special “No Reply” Adress, as SMTP for my own Mails, and set the special Reply-Adress into the “Reply to” Field.
I also use a Disclaimer in a Signatur below all of those Mails, that is stating, that the SMTP-Adress is not able to receive Mails.
Since the last Upgrade, I get a Pop-Up before I could send a Mail, that is stating that I have this Disclaimer, and that I have not set an Adress for the Reply. The Pop-Up is asking, If I want to set one, or to continue.
It seems, that Mail is analyzing the Text of my Mail, or has someone an other explanation for this Pop-Up?

Yes, Mail is analyzing the content to enable these little affordances. It’s doing it locally on your machine.

Do you know a way, to switch that off?
It is pretty annoying, to have to do those extra clicks every time.
And I also see no reason for this? I have an Adress set into the “Reply To” field. I see no way, to set an other address somewhere else, or did I miss a setting for that?

I don’t see a way to disable it, just an option to control undo send and if/when to spellcheck the email. Someone else might know a trick.

I’d report the problem to Apple. I know they’re taking other bug reports about this feature seriously (like thinking email addresses in signatures should be recipients.) I agree you should be able to disable it, too.

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