Is Apple's Mail app secure and encrypted?

I think downloading 3 copies is fine, but the problem is, if a new mail arrives in my gmail inbox, that has a label attached to it via gmail filters, I want to see that label/folder tag in the Mail inbox as well, so I know that this email is also in a tag/folder. Instead, when a new mail arrives, Mail downloads it in the folder and also in the inbox but does not tell me that mail in the inbox is already in the folder. This confuses me if my filters that apply the tag are working correctly or not.

I usually have my filters apply tags to emails. Now I can read/reply and just archive them from the inbox, but they are still in the tag/folder. This makes “inbox” one single place to handle all email (which is should be), rather than me going to multiple folders to see incoming email. This makes rules useless in Mail TBH.

I don’t know if others have a different way to working with email, but I’d love to hear suggestions.

Mail doesn’t recognize Gmail’s tagging system. Full stop. If you rely on Gmail tags, Mail will not be your path to happiness.

If what you need is “Gmail, but with better Mac integration”, you may want to check out MailPlane:

Lol, seems I’m out of luck. lol Either way, I wanted an iOS client as Mail is macOS is relatively better. But I guess I’d have to move back to gmail app.

Either way, thanks for helping out @webwalrus

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Based on how you and Apple phrased it, you didn’t do the same thing.

If you (supposedly) blocked displaying „all“ images in Google but only remote content/images in Apple Mail, Mail would still show inline images included in mails - though they can’t be used to track you?

I think Apple is blocking 3rd party images and gmail blocks all images. Not sure any other types of images could be inserted to track “read” and other things. I’d be more comfortable with blocking all images though.

Which is why I’d moved back to gmail after trying Mail for the last few days as it allows so much more in terms of features, at least for my workflow. Label are really important feature for me and Mail doesn’t seem to mimic them as I’d want.

I think I remember Outlook for iOS is a little bit more smart about Gmail Labels than Apple’s own Mail.

Is Apple’s Mail app secure? No, but that’s because email is not secure.

Sending a mail is much like mailing a physical letter. After I’ve written my letter, placed it in an envelope containing the address of the recipient, and given it to the US Post Office I’ve lost control of that letter forever. I can keep a copy in a safe but the recipient can do whatever they want with the letter and/or the information it contains. That is also true of email.

And with email, copies of emails are usually kept by both the sending and receiving servers. At my last job we archived all emails the moment they were sent or received. It didn’t matter if a user had a rule that immediately deleted a message, our archive would maintain a copy for seven years.

I accepted that I have no privacy a long time ago. I consider email and all unencrypted files in the cloud as public.

Google uses labels to allow better organization of our email, but AFAIK all standard email clients interpret these labels as folders. I use the on iOS, which does display labels, and a dedicated browser on Mac to take advantage of these improvements.


I think email is insecure.

I used to love Mailplane! I was so disappointed when this happened, but since then I’ve switched to Mimestream and love it for managing my gmail. Works fantastically with labels.

I‘d rather compare it to sending a postcard. I mean, it‘s not as if the trusty U.S. postal worker would have to break open (an envelope) to read its contents. :wink:

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I used to compare email to a postcard before everyone started using TLS to secure messages in route. In those days anyone could read your messages, at least the ones on your network segment, if your cable modem “somehow” got switched to promiscuous mode.