Is Backblaze Continuously Backing Up?

Even though I have BB set to continuous backup, I’m not sure it is continuously backing up files. As shown in the screenshots below, BB shows all files backed up. But, when I select backup now, BB finds files not backed up and proceeds to do so. Earlier this morning I did the same manual backup and the number of files not yet backed up was far larger.

Is this normal behavior?

Initial backup state displayed
Shows all files backed-up, remaining files = 0

Looking for non-backed up files after I select backup now

Backing up files
As you can see, there were 8 files not backed up even though the initial screen showed no files to backup.

Perhaps it is like when iCloud acts like there is nothing to sync when you are impatiently waiting for a file to show up. Eventually some unknown trigger wakes it up and everything gets synced. Or, in your case, backed up.

May take 2 hours.

This article covers how continuous backup works:

@Leeabe51 and @jcarucci This is what programmers call a “race condition!” :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the link. always good to go to the authoritative source.

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Thank you! This is it:

We designed Backblaze to be lightweight, so it might take 2 hours to reflect new numbers and find your new files. The reason it takes 2 hours is that Backblaze runs VERY SLOWLY on purpose to try to keep the load off your CPU and disk. The result is that it can take up to 2 hours to detect any new files, or new hard drives, or if a file has changed, or a configuration has changed.

That makes me feel much better. My bad, I should have searched BB’s support articles.


Like Yoda talk race conditions programmers make.


So THAT is why he talks that way!