Is CleanMyMac X essential tool for Mac

this is interesting. I raised this in another forum post and the general remarks that no AV ( I guess including malware protection is needed)

CleanMyMac acts like a virus itself [edit: this is an opinion; it’s not an actual virus] and I would never, ever install it on any of my Macs. It’s one of the few things I’ve disagreed with MacSparky about over the years. I can’t recommend it to anyone.

If you need customization, use Onyx. If you want to clean up the crap after install, use AppCleaner or AppDelete or AppCleaner & Uninstaller.

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No. Just no. Expensive. Yes. A virus or malware? No. Do not confuse it with MacKeeper.

And many more posts about that in this community and all over the internet.

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I am a new user here but a veteran mac power user :slight_smile:
I probably should have been more clear. CleanMyMac is slow, bloated and has constant memory leaks using a gig of RAM. It also insists on having its background process run no matter what.

I’m not referring to MacKeeper, it’s really CMM that I find quite repulsive. Virus is a strong word, but I wouldn’t touch that app with a 50 foot pole.


Very interesting opinion! Thank you for your clarification regarding CleanMyMac not being a virus. Because that really might confuse some people.

I am not using CleanMyMac any longer (too expensive for my use cases). I can only say that I was quite pleased as long as I had been using the application. Which I did for quite some years on several Macs.

No issues whatsoever, no memory leaks, nothing. :wink: