Is it just me or is this MacSparky blog post missing images

I have to admit that sometimes I do stuff that messes my browsing experience (like installing plugins and blockers that are overzealous), so I’m wondering is this blog post by @MacSparky about @tjluoma’s desk setup is missing the images for everyone else too?

Because I do love a good “desk setup” post and am interested in this new series.

It sure looks to me like images are missing.

I see images as of 22:16 UTC

Now I see them. (20 characters)

Ok, so, two things:

  1. My Mac mini which was serving the images on them went down due to a hard drive issue. I sent them to David very last night so that he could replace them.

  2. David asked for a picture of me, and I told him that I didn’t have many of myself that I liked, but I did have one that I thought was funny. One morning about 2 months into Quarantine (aka “Can’t get a haircut”) I woke up, looked in the mirror, and said “Great, I’m starting to look like the guy from The History Channel who says ‘Aliens!’” I mentioned this in a group chat with some friends, and someone said “POIDH” and, well, there you have it.

(If you look at the web page, the image is even named Aliens.jpg.)

Of course, without that explanation, I just look like a whack-job or perhaps some Doc Brown “the early years” prototype.

Regardless, I hope folks find it interesting. As mentioned, I always like seeing people’s work spaces.


Works for me. :man_shrugging:

Thanks. It was as fun and interesting to read about as I’d hoped. I really wish I could do an adjustable standing desk, but I have a massive Ikea desk that I love the size of and to get an adjustable desk the size of a small aircraft carrier costs about a Pentagon budget.

You could get an adjustable desk frame and keep your existing desk top. I have this setup with one of the Jarvis frames.

Very interesting write up of a work space, thanks!

Yep, I agree. There’s a lot of text, but not a lot of pictures.