Is M1 worth it?

When I recently sold a MBA I researched 3 sites:,, and buybackworld offered the most and gazelle, the least. I sold to itsworthmore, as I’ve done business with them in the past. I’ve had good experiences with gazelle (> 10 devices) and itsworthmore (2 devices). All of my devices have been in excellent condition and I’ve never had to settle for less than the initial quote. I have not tried buybackworld.

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It was $1400 not $1600 (just a case of me mis-remembering, I think). Once I cancel AppleCare I’ll be getting another $200+ back, so I think that’s what caused the confusion in my brain.

They refund you for AppleCare?

I believe you have to ask, but yes.

Yes! You do have to ask / tell them that you want to cancel. They’ll ask for the computer’s serial number and possibly the agreement number. If you didn’t buy it from Apple, they may want a receipt.

I called today and they are refunding me $290.62 USD of $349 that I paid for AppleCare on my MacBook Pro.

(Note: I waited to cancel until after I received word that my trade-in had been accepted.)


Somewhere I read that the M1 does not support (so many) external displays. Any news on that?

The M1 laptops each only support one external display (though they can go up to 6K resolution, so you can buy a $999 laptop and plug it into a $6000 Pro Display HDR). The Mac mini supports two displays.

This is the only thing holding me back. I really like using two 4K displays plus my laptop keyboard and trackpad. Since the laptop has to be open for me to get to the keyboard and trackpad, I use its screen as well.

I have tried the magic trackpad and external keyboard as well as other combinations, but I really prefer the arrangement on the laptop. Plus, I actually like the butterfly keyboard typing experience.

So you can buy the stand for the Pro Display HDR for the same price as the M1 laptop.


So there is a theory for Apple’s pricing method. You take a $6,000 Pro Display and accessorize it with a $999 stand and a $999 M1 MacBook Air. How symmetrical of Apple to do that. :wink:


I will hold on to the next versions. It is sad for me. I am using two external monitors with my mbp 2015 model. I am not really into the pixels, I just need more displays and more space. I am really hoping that at least the mpb 16" with m1 supports four 4k monitors just like the current 16". I was making my plans with 3-4 monitors in my room until I read the limitation of the M1 chip… sad.

I get that it’s personally disappointing, but these are the lowest end M1 chips that will ever exist, in a transition expected to take two years.

No one should have expected the first ones out the door to support 4x4K monitors, especially after Apple showed the consumer low-end as their starting point.


On the other hand, every lowest end office laptop supports two montitors.

If I showed up at the office with a new MacBook Air and people found out it only supports one monitor I would have to suffer iSheep jokes for weeks.

This should not be!


Lots of stuff is “still to come”, and I feel like dual external monitors is a relatively uncommon use case for Macbook Air / low end MBP customers. If one has particular needs, probably best to buy the other Pro laptops that meet those needs now, or wait until the next M iteration.

Lots of people are buying these M machines that aren’t the target market for them, just because it’s “new & shiny”. Nothing wrong with that - just need to keep it in mind. :slight_smile:

If the new MBPs drop, the Intels go away, and it still doesn’t allow multiple monitors, yeah - that’ll be a Major Problem. But I don’t think that’s likely to be an issue.


If only there were any other metrics which one could use to evaluate/compare computers which would cast the M1 MacBook Air in good light.


Ok, those metrics are not really that relevant for the web based work evironment of today. More and more people only need a web browser at work (and support for several monitors, haha).

I love that stuff, but I’m a guy who aspires to call himself a power user at some point. The cool stuff about the M1 is relevant for a miniscule fraction of users, those who venture far beyond the web browser.

I’d say 15+ hours of battery life and no fan noise are relevant to a great number of users.


Don’t forget “Faster than 99% of the Macs ever made, including ones that cost 5x as much.”

I’m trying to think of what percent of people "the cool stuff in the M1” isn’t relevant to.

The M1 is worth is to most people. Are there edge cases that it doesn’t cover, like 2+ external monitors? Sure. Are those edge cases? Yes. Will they be addressed by a future version of the M1 or successor? Definitely.

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You got me!!! Those are great reasons. Guess I was just tired and did not think of that and just of the speed.