Is my 2015 MacBook Pro battery dying?

I bought my MacBook Pro new in May 2016, and I’m starting to run into battery troubles. For example, this morning, I did a little less than two hours of web browsing, Tweetbot, and word processing before my batter was at >10%. Is this an issue where I’m going to have to get a new computer or replace the batter, or is there a simpler answer that I’m missing?

Sounds like your battery is showing its age…

You can visit your favorite Apple store (please book a Genius Bar appointment first) and they can run Diagnostics to determine the health of your battery. Replacement cost for a battery runs $199US. If there isn’t an Apple store nearby, you could call AppleCare and they should be able to run the same test.

Hope this is helpful!

What does the system report for battery health?