"Is no one reviewing these apps? Is no one minding the store?" Excerpts from inside Apple, via the Epic v Apple trial

I am enjoying the inside look at Apple coming from the Epic v. Apple trial.

Phil Schiller, 2012:

What the hell is this???

Remember our talking about finding bad apps with low ratings?

Remember our talk about becoming the “Nordstroms” of stores in quality of service?

How does an obvious rip off of the super popular Temple Run, with no screen shots, garbage marketing text, and almost all 1-star ratings become the #1 free app on the store?

Can anyone see a rip off of a top selling game? Any anyone see an app that is cheating the system?

Is no one reviewing these apps? Is no one minding the store?

This is insane!!!

(via The best emails from the Apple vs. Epic trial, heading 53. February 2012: “This is insane!!!”)

Any other favorite excerpts?

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I’m glad Phil was outraged. I would guess there was an audit trail and that heads rolled.

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Yet, in 2021, with Phil in charge of the App Store, there are still so so so many scam apps that Apple seems to ignore.