Is Smart HDR adjustable?

Smart HDR looks pretty amazing, but looking at photos (eg Gruber’s review) I sometimes think it is a bit aggressive for artistic shots.
Is it possible to adjust the strength before or after shooting (apart from totally turning it off)? This could actually impact my upgrade decision, strangely enough.

In the sense that you can fiddle with the ‘lighting’ pre or post. However I don’t even see HDR as an ‘option’ to select or otherwise, it just seems to be applied automagically.

Nothing to stop you editing in another software though.

If you have an interest in photography I would upgrade solely for the camera upgrade. It is mind-blowing.

Cheers. That’s a great point about further editing; it would be quite trivial to take an HDR photo from the iPhone and then push the dark regions back into black to get silhouettes, or push the light regions into white. Doing the reverse is simply not possible.

I’m still itching to know when it’s going to be released here in Thailand!

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I suspect third party camera apps will offer non-HDR options.