Is SpamSieve still around?

Doesn’t look like it works with Big Sur. And website hasn’t had a post since mid last year

Running it right now on Big Sur. Requirements say “Requires: macOS 10.9 through 11.2”, which is current, and Copyright goes through 2021. Which website are you looking at?

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FYI, I received an email from them on January 20 announcing the release of v2.9.42. Outside of the time around new major OS releases, my recollection is that there weren’t all that many updates as the software was fairly stable.

That said, I haven’t used it since I switched my email host to Fastmail. I was a happy user but having spam filtering server-side was easier to use than running SpamSieve on my desktop when accessing email from multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptop, etc.). The old mail host didn’t support push/keep alive so there were times the desktop hadn’t seen messages before I checked on another device.

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My version is 2.9.40
Can’t see where to get newer version. Maybe that is the problem

Edit: Have now got 2.9.42 by downloading the ‘trial’ version - thanks

I installed a new update about a week and a half ago. As far as I know it’s still fine and being developed.

Working well for me. As to how with it installeda already I just get anotice when there is a new versions. I don’t always update immediately but usually with a week or 2.

Definitely still around. The developer has a Discourse forum:

Basically any post gets a response from the developer within a day.


Been using SpamSieve for years, including on macOS 11, with no problems. It’s rock solid – as is anything that Michael Tsai produces.

Installed, working and supported.

FYI, received a notice earlier today that version 2.9.43 has been released.

Yes I noticed an update. I must have bought it about 10+ years ago, still gets regular updates