Is the third public beta still crazy pants?

It would be nice to try iOS 13 public beta 3. Last year’s stable beta’s spoiled many, so maybe this year isn’t that bad, but seems bad in comparison.

In your experience is public. beta 3 pretty stable, or is it still for only the overly brave?

The latest public beta only came out a day or so ago, so I can’t speak for it specifically, but overall this year’s betas are terrible and you should avoid them.

I’ve had calls fail, I’ve had calendar data go missing (it wasn’t really but looked like it was), I’ve had the maps app just crash while I was navigating.

As I wrote on Twitter:

I have:

1) Installed betas on my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone

2) Regrets

— TJ Luoma (@tjluoma) June 26, 2019

The Mac beta didn’t even last a full week. I’ve used my iPad dramatically less since the beta, because it’s just un-fun to use. Also, iCloud sync is having issues, which is super scary and I don’t want to push my luck.

I know it’s tempting, but I’d still say wait.

Update: As just one example, I’ve just realized that I can’t control what’s playing from the iPhone lockscreen with the latest beta… and that worked in previous betas. So it’s actually going backwards in some places, which is crazy after this number of betas.

For a maybe alternate perspective: I have not installed the beta on the iPhone because if my iPhone is flaky that’s a big problem for me. Even with last year’s relatively stable betas, I was left resolving to at least TRY to resist the lure of running beta OSes on my iPhone.

However, I use the iPad almost exclusively for social media and for reading, and have found the beta to be quite usable for that, beginning with public B2. There is some flakiness but nothing I can’t work around. And I love the new floating, swipe keyboard.

Can’t remember if the swipe keyboard is coming to the iPhone and too lazy to look it up, but I sure hope so.

It is. I’ve been using the beta on my phone without issue.

True, I’ve had some calls fail, but that was also happening occasionally on the stable version of iOS 12 in my case, so :woman_shrugging: .



Come join me on the Dark Side! :grinning:

I do have to add the update that Pocket is consistently crashing on me (on the phone, not the iPad). But I can still add items to it via the share sheet, and can access it via Safari if needed.

I’ve iOS 13 beta 3 running on my 11.5” iPad Pro. Have to say it’s still flakey, but that’s the nature of beta code, isn’t it? I certainly wouldn’t consider installing on my iPhone as a few essential apps, including my banking app, are crashing on launch. Day One crashes immediately, for example, and 1 Writer cannot see files on iCloud. That said, these betas are showing a lot of promise and I’ll make the move on all my devices once most of the rough edges have been smoothed off.

Crazy enough my wife’s iPhone on iOS 12 is more flaky than mine on iOS 13. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hm. Looks like QuickPath doesn’t work on IPadOS?

Also, still no Dvorak glass keyboard :pouting_cat:

I’ve given up on ever getting a Dvorak glass keyboard. Strange, it seems like the sort of thing that should have been added years ago. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I started with the 1st public beta on my iPad Air2 which is my spare iPad for browsing. Buggy but very useable.

My plan was to wait till mid August to install on my iPad Pro which is my work computer. BUT, I’ve been having an ongoing issue with screen freezes that has been driving me a little bananas. Apple support did a remote check and said the hardware was fine and that to troubleshoot I should backup and reset to factory settings/restore. I thought, well, before I’ll do that maybe I’ll chance the next public beta. I verified that my important, work related apps were working on the Air 2. All seemed to be good. Yesterday I took the plunge with the new PB.

24 hours in and all is good. Bugs thus far are similar to what I was seeing with the Air 2 over the past 2-3 weeks. I had to reset Safari yesterday (clear history and website data in settings) because it stopped working. But really, overall, very useable. Granted it’s only been a day, so who knows, next week it may crash and burn. But if it remains as stable as it has been this past 24 hours then it will have definitely been worth it. This bit of jankiness is very tolerable.

Important work-related apps that are working for me and that have thus far presented no problems:

  • Affinity Photo, Designer
  • Textastic
  • iA Writer
  • Pages
  • File Explorer

Regarding iCloud issues, I’ve only seen one error which is my Documents folder showing up twice. All the data is intact. But I now have a Documents 2 with all the same files. I keep a local back-up of my iCloud documents and photos, etc. All my important data is back-ed up to a local MacMini and to external drives. So, in my case, were by iCloud Drive to explode I’d have a minor headache but would be fine.

One last note, this is one sweet OS update! As nice is iPadOS is on the iPad Air 2, it’s pretty fantastic on the larger display of the latest 12.9 iPad!

I’ve read it’s harder (i.e. no one wants to put the work into) to correct fat finger typing, predict what you meant to press, etc. I don’t care about all that, I just want a Dvorak glass keyboard.

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I’ve had the beta on my iPhone and iPad since day one, and had no major issues.
Some weird interface things, and some apps that don’t work correctly, but that is to be expected.

Unlike @tjluoma it has made me use my iPad more, I’ve even put my macbook in storage and have not touched it in a month.

Like many others, I do not do betas on my phone because it is too critical to be always on. I have installed iPadOS13 on my iPad Air (2019) and after a couple of days of operation, it appears to be pretty stable. I have run through most all of the apps I have installed and the only one with issues is Evernote - ironic because that is probably my most used app. It works on everything else I have, so not a major problem. It just locks up when I attempt to open a note. Everything else continues to work, just not EN.

The only new bug i’m now getting in Beta 3 is that i can no longer select an app for slideover or splitscreen, if that app is in a folder in my dock. Apps that are sitting in the doc (not in a folder) still work fine. Anyone else seeing this?

It’s a bummer, as i’m loving the betas so far!

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It’s there, but only in the mini-keyboard (pinch the keyboard to get it). :blush:

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I see the same issue

As an ex-software development project manager, I want to commend you on the proper use of the technical term “crazy pants”… Precise, descriptive, and not as vulgar as what is most likely meant.


I heard enough things that Public Beta 3 for iOS 13 was good enough for daily drivers.

My experience has said that is true - works well enough, some glitches, but all the fun stuff.

Same here, annoying:)