Is there a Calendar app that allows users to check off events once completed?


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Preferably, once the event has been checked off, it would not disappear from the Calendar. Instead, it would be grayed out or display a strikethrough.

I have not been able to find once, which is bizzare as it could imagine it would be immensely helpful to checking off daily/weekly habits and one-off appointment. It would be amazing to be able to review the week and see what you did and didn’t do at a glance.




Not directly a calendar app, but Dynalist (not cheap) can be configured to sync with a Google calendar, so that notes tagged with a date and time in Dynalist appear on the calendar. Dynalist can also configured to not remove completed tasks from the calendar but to add a [x] box to signify completion.


Screenshot of Fantastical (2-29-20, 5-39-49 PM)

Dynalist is wonderful for lots of reasons, but buying it just for this feature is not one of those reasons.

You can schedule a reminder in the Reminders app, but as far as I can tell there isn’t any way to make the reminder appear in the calendar.

I used several Calendars over the years, BusyCal, Fantastical, Google Calendar, etc. but I’ve never seen any Calendar where you can “check off” events. An event is something scheduled for a specific date, time, and location. Some services, like Google Calendar, allow guests to propose a new time for the meeting, but I doubt even this is offered in a standalone app.

Have you considered using a reminder for one-off appointments? I’ve done this for things like dental appointments that might need to be rescheduled.

My personal favorite Calendars 5 by Readdle, will gray out events automatically after the scheduled day, in the Month View. And the Day View has a list, on iPad that I use to review past events and a Task View for reminders.

The C5 List view on iPhone shows Reminders and Events together in the same view. And, as I recall, Fantastical and BusyCal have similar features. Having said all this, the next person to post might have the perfect solution. Good luck.


Thanks for this @WayneG. I had to search around for it a bit, turns out there’s a setting that has to be turned on to see tasks in the Day view.

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It appears you posted while I was reviewing my reply. Glad I could help.

No need for anything more than you have. Create a second calendar called “Done” or something like that. Set it to your preferred color. When you finish the event, right click over it and select the Done calendar from the context menu.


Depending on what features of a Calendar app that you need, you could look at using a tool like Notion.

It’s a mix of a bunch of different tools, but one feature it has, is custom views of your data in different ways, by your own custom defined properties.

It’s really best experienced, rather then explained in text.

Here is the exact same data shown three different ways, now you can have filters so that you only see things biased off their properties

Sorry about the late response.

With respect to " An event is something scheduled for a specific date, time, and location". Yes, I understand this, however, I do not know why checking off events would interfere with or be against the spirit of a calendar.

Let’s say I want to the Calendar to have a repeating task every day for 2 hrs of studying between 7-9pm. It would be excellent to be able to go in my calendar, see I have a studying task to do, and then check it off once done. If I can’t do it at 7pm, I can move it to say 8pm. This system would act as a timeblocking application and task manager at the same time in a clean, intuitive interface.

Of course, this is not just restricted to studying but everything we want to do that we want to schedule in. The problem I have with Things 3 is that it just says what I need to do, not specifically WHEN (in terms of 2pm, 6am etc).

This system would be amazing for productivity as I can plan the week out with a weekly view, be able to revisit what I did and haven’t done in my weekly review and SEE the progress I’m making throughout the weeks as the tasks are being checked off.

I have no idea why no company has done this. Sorted3 is close but not a full calendar.

This is the 200IQ answer I was seeking. Will test this out, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, very late response but FWIW, I suggest you try Morgen. Downloadable online, has a side with tasks you can write and drag onto the calander. Once done, you can tick them off and they lighten in color. Great UI too.

It’s pricey but since it’s sort of in Beta, you can get a custom plan with them. Free plan with premium features for Academics and students - just email them. I suggest you give it a try.