Is there a way to get device type from a video? (to reunite stills and live photos)

For the last few years I’ve been saving all the photos and associated live photo videos for myself and family members to the file system. I can create smart folders by device to distinguish the photos e.g.

Device model > matches > iPhone 6S

but these don’t work for videos.

I ran mdls on one of the videos and I don’t see any metadata which would obviously identify the device.

Any suggestions?

(Incidentally, importing a still and the matching video flawlessly recreates the live photo in Photos on the Mac, so far…including stills saved as jpeg instead of HEIC).

Interestingly…exiftool does reveal the Model for video files, so it must be in there somewhere – but it’s not visible from mdls and hence not visible to Spotlight or HoudahSpot or Smart Folders :open_mouth:

Apparently these are QuickTime tags, though they’re not visible in the Inspector in any version of QuickTime. See