Is there a way to turn off cell radio when in a certain wifi?

At my cottage there is craptacular cell phone signal. I do have Starlink that works super well.

Anybody have a suggestion for automatically turning off the cell radio on my iPhone when I’m on the cottage wifi? I’m hoping that the cell modem not straining all day searching for cell signal will be good for my battery life.

A shortcut would work. Automations based on joining wifi will (I think) require confirmation each time they run. But you could set a few automations that run daily that check if you’re on the wifi; those can be set to run without confirmation. And you could set an automation for when you’re leaving the area that makes sure the data’s back on.

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That looks great. Thank you.

You could also do the same based on location (I.e., when you arrive at the cottage, turn off cellular). You can reverse this to turn cellular back on when you leave your cottage. @cornchip’s idea is exactly what you asked for, but thought I’d share another option so you can see the possibilities :slight_smile:

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